• “With S-Patch Cardio, we were able to collect high quality electrocardiogram data and diagnose the patient’s heart condition more accurately and quickly.”

    Dr. Rob Adam
    Cardiac specialist at UHS, UK

  • “The pilot was able to confirm the efficiency and accuracy of the S-Patch-based Cardio. Cardio will be offered as a new treatment model for cardiovascular patients in the future.”

    Nathan Schlesinger
    Healthcare Leader of PwC

  • “If using S-Patch Cardio, users can monitor themselves. The more important fact is that it is possible to record patients' workout sessions for the communications between patients and the doctor in the Phase 1 of clinical test. This is the beginning of immediate diagnosis and treatment, which improves the overall result of patients.”

    Dr. Rob Adam
    Cardiac specialist at UHS, UK

  • “S-Patch Cardio accurately detect the arrhythmia of myocardial infarction patients. If additionally developing the program and verifying with more users, S-Patch Cardio can be an not only economic but effective medical devices in order to diagnose arrhythmia and improve preventive healthcare.”

    Dr. Toon Wei Lim
    Heart Centre, National University of Singapore

  • “S-Patch Cardio proves itself with its stable ECG monitoring by getting connected to S-Patch that is linked to the smart watch despite frequent vibration and difficult circumstances such as car racing.”

    Dr. Clevert D.
    University of Munich, Germany