Patient Centric

S-Patch Ex started from and is customized to unsolved pains that have been echoed from patients

Patients can conveniently wear S-Patch Ex on their bodies and perform physical activities, device weighing only 9g. White colored device and its compact size protect patient privacy of being tested from others’ notice. With sufficient supply of S-Patch Ex, patients no longer have to wait for their turn to come for awaited treatment due to the limited supply of Holter machines. They can also remotely test their ECG at home by directly transmitting the ECG data to medical staff without frequent hospital visit.

Advanced Efficiency

Clinicians can experience boosted efficiency through S-Patch Ex solution

With S-Patch Ex solution, clinicians can analyze ECG data with high accuracy based on AI-driven intelligent algorithms, along with secure data transmission and storage through mobile and cloud system. Clinicians can view, edit, and diagnose patients’ ECG data in any locations, even when patients do not visit hospitals as they used to for recurrent ECG checkups.

From Cure to Care

S-Patch Ex will be the key for hospitals to lead the next version of medical innovation of ‘Smart Healthcare’ through digital technology convergence.

The introduction of S-Patch Ex will be a shifting paradigm for the hospitals to lead the trend of converging digital technology to patient’s healthcare, from ‘cure’ to ‘care’. The shift will entail increased trust from patients on the hospitals’ vision and its future direction. Hospitals can also reduce the upfront cost with subscription-based model of S-Patch Ex, compared to that of original Holter system. Stacked data with updated version of analysis system provided by S-Patch Ex will be the valued asset for hospitals to grow and expand.